04 criteria to consider when renting a business office in Magog

louer un bureau d’affaires à Magog : critères à prendre en compte

04 criteria to consider when renting a business office in Magog

Renting a business office is a very serious process, and one that requires you to take your time so that you have every chance on your side and
make the right choices. These choices must correspond to your expectations (growth, reorganisation, etc.) and meet certain general criteria. In this article, we’ve listed four essential criteria to consider when renting business offices in Magog.
Obviously, price is an essential criterion. The first thing to do is to determine your budget, which will enable you to direct your search
towards properties that match your budget. In addition to the gross price, it’s a good idea to take an interest in the tax implications of the location. There are a number of schemes that allow you to benefit from exemptions from tax and social security contributions, depending on the geographical
area in which you are based, or whether you are located in an urban tax-free zone, a rural regeneration zone or a regional aid zone.

2- Location
These are the second criteria to take into account. Even before looking for and/or visiting premises, it’s vital to know where you want to locate your  business. The location can be defined according to : Your business sector The location of your customers and partners The area where your employees live. A good location also means local services. So it’s not an obvious choice,
even if some solutions are more advantageous than others, such as  business districts or co-working spaces.

3-The surface.
This criterion is as important as any other. The law doesn’t impose anything, it simply sets out recommendations, so it’s up to you to estimate the surface area that suits you best according to your activity, the numberof employees in your company and your development prospects.

4-The nature of the lease
It is important to note that in addition to the “physical” offices in which youwork on a daily basis, premises are also contracted through a lease.
There are two types of lease for professional activities: the professional lease and thecommercial lease. The latter, which applies to commercial,
industrial and craft activities, is the most widespread and, above all, the most advantageous for the tenant.These four essential criteria should be taken into account when looking to lease new business offices.
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